Products & Services

T2Go Card Design & Printing

Our cards come in two sizes: 2Go Cards 3.5 “ x 2.125” and Mini Brochures 4” x 6” – custom prices available upon request.

We work with you to design, print and distribute an effective advertising campaign within your selected distribution program. Our design staff is capable of creating unique marketing material. We print 2, 4, 6 and even 8 panel cards.

2Go Card Distribution

Regional and National 2Go Card programs are available. Specific distribution goals differ for the demands of large and small companies. Brand distribution is also an option for most travel centers. We will listen to your needs and target the best demographics for you.

2Go Card Distribution

Pocket Card Networks offers free 2Go card tracking by providing each customer with a unique toll number. We also offer URL tracking free but with a $50.00 set up fee. 2Go tracking has given our company a 86% renewal rate over the past 11 years. Guessing what your ROI is might be a bit dangerous. Know exactly what your ad dollars are earning with free reports that tell the story. Monthly reports are delivered to your office each and every month.

2Go Digital Solutions

Our digital options can be purchased independently or in combination with the Pocket Card Networks, 2Go Card program. The interactivity of both the hard copy and digital media platforms greatly enhances your market exposure. Digital marketing provides greater reach and results only if you can find what you are seeking. Ad words and search engine optimization is cost prohibitive for a lot of companies – just too expensive. The purpose of 2Go Cards is connect people to the right business. Pocket Card Networks offers an affordable solution around these expensive internet costs and offers an affordable network with solutions to make the internet work for you. Every card in our displays automatically goes into the PocketInfo2Go networks view mode as part of the card program. Additional options such as pay-per click and cost per call offer enhanced results.

TruckerInfo2Go - Mobile App/Smartphone

The only trucking app that has marketing exposure in the top 5 US travel centers. Marketing is all about distribution and delivering impressions so your message/branding gets out there. Industry specific distribution allows the TruckerInfo2Go app to be downloaded by more truck drivers than any app in the transportation industry. Download our mobile app today at Apple, Android or Blackberry or go to our web site: www. and see our advantage. Prices start at $50.00 per posting. Banner ads available.


Digital Cards: We offer this option to enhance the marketability of our advertisers’ messages and as a viable option to costly Ad–word and SEO alternatives. 2Go Cards Connect people To the Right Business means making sure they remember your URL, toll number, branding, and message. Our cards are retained and our targeted distribution puts our advertisers in the center of the best US travel centers in the country and for the tech savvy among us we also offer a digital option that is always just a click away. Pocket Card Networks connects people to the right business with both digital and hard copy applications. Tracking provided by TenStreet.

2Go Billboards

Ever wonder what truckers look at all day traveling down the road? More trucks! Pocket Card Networks produces recruiting billboards that affix to the back of your very own trailers.  These are not the two color signs you normally see on highways that are barely noticeable, but full 4-color processing posters that can be designed to match your PCN cards so you are more effectively reinforcing your brand recognition and putting every dollar in those ad budgets to good use!

2Go Custom Displays

All companies have information that needs to be communicated to their employees and staff such as policies, customer service standards, helpful tips, basic training information, benefits, etc. Why not consolidate that information in back office displays that provide retainable info? Or how about using one of our display options in the front office to showcase to your clients the variety of services your company can provide? We can create compact, hard-copy information communications systems targeted to your company’s needs.

2Go Branding

“Media Where It Matters Most” is a core principle of how we brand our advertisers at Pocket Card Networks and the 2GoNetwork. If the public never sees your advertising, consumers, clients or potential employees will never be connected to your company, service or product. So many times we see advertisers paying top dollar for full page magazine ads that are never seen, radio releases that are never heard, TV commercials that are never viewed or digital buys that quickly disappear into thin air. Advertising doesn’t work if no one sees it. Branding only occurs when people visualize or interact with a product, service, or company. Our travel center cards are a good example of in-your-face advertising and branding. They are seen by 320,000,000 points of contacts per year. The retention factor or carry quality our cards have is unique and represents advertising and branding at its best. People easily retain your message or pass it on to others. “Media Where It Matters Most” means people will see it, touch it, and interact with it which is the essence of good branding!