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Targeted Print Media

Digital cards, click, call, delivers applications through

Brochure branding 4×6 and card branding 3.5×2.1

Job Postings, OEM’s, Products & Services
Get the OEM specials and most updated job postings across the USA

Mobile media job posting and OEM.
Get the OEM specials and most updated job postings across the USA

  • Targeted Media

    Targeted media properly placed in high traffic areas combined with the convenience of internet access is PCN’s game plan and its 2Go media network. Currently, PCN is in 46 states and is the only company in the USA that distributes hard copy media in the top 5 travel centers that delivers 320,000,000 points of contact per year – critical mass.

  • Multi Platform Advertising

    PCN has leveraged its printed card advertising and retention product in conjunction with reciprocal internet platforms. Developing the hard copy print model is essential to securing complete market penetration and delivering a superior ROI. All of this is supported by a tracking system and distribution fulfillment that keeps racks full and organized. Simply stated, in today’s world a media company has to be mobile and PCN offers both: 1) Retention cards, “media where it matters most”, delivered in high traffic areas, and 2) 2Go mobile applications that mirror card displays which address the market of digital convenience and marketability.

What we do

Pocket Card Networks is a specialty mobile communications company that focuses on providing targeted and cost-effective 2Go marketing solutions. 2Go media is what people want and PCN provides duel 2Go platforms: 1) High impact printed 2Go cards that fit in pockets for immediate info and retention, and 2) 2Go Mobile and desktop versions available to broaden advertisers’ market exposure

Customers and Markets

PCN works with the top 5 travel centers in the United States that cater to the transportation industry. However, the top 5 travel US travel centers also attract the majority of the traveling consumers. The transportation industry is comprised of over 1,000 carriers and 14,000 travel centers. Recruiting, OEM’s, Tourism and anything that would benefit the target market of the travel public is what Pocket Card Networks markets.

Pocket Card Networks is unique in that it produces a 2Go product that is printed, retained and easily referenced. Driving consumers to an 800 number or website for further info is the primary function of the product. Coupons are also used with OEM and other products. Our 2Go digital applications mirror the card displays for the most part.

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Joseph M. Goering
Joseph M. Goering Vice President Recruiting, ATS
ATS has been using Pocket Card Network(s), both print and digital, for over seven years. It performs and gets us drivers. Pocket Card Networks has been a key contributor to Keeping our ATS trucks full. In addition, it has kept our brand in front of the drivers, and delivers consistent results. We track our own calls and it is always a one of the top performer in our media buys. I highly recommend it if you want a reliable product to find quality drivers.


Chris Eisenhauer
Chris Eisenhauer Manager of Recruiting, Triple Crown Services,
The Pocket Card Networks program has been getting us quality owner operators for years. Their cards keep us in the flow of qualified drivers looking for jobs. They are the only company that has recruiting Info 2Go in the top 5 travel centers and they also help drive traffic to our web site. Very good product for both print and digital. The drivers save them and get in touch with us.